Sigma Estimates

Suitable for Building Contractors and their Subcontractors, Quantity Surveyors, Cost Consultants and Architects.

Estimate projects the same way you build them!

Imagine completing your estimates at a fraction of the time. Or, delivering your proposals and quotations painlessly with detailed insights and reporting capabilities for all project stakeholders. You can do all this and rid yourself of mind-numbing duplication by using Sigma.

Shorten your estimating
time by up to 85%!

With Sigma, you can estimate new construction projects rapidly because it lets you import and reuse entire building sections from existing projects.  This is much faster than writing complicated formulas in conventional spreadsheets, and it gives you an accurate overview of your project right from the start.

Construction Estimating Software

The most powerful and user-friendly software for Estimating and 5D BIM

Eliminate estimating errors
and duplication

Sigma automatically reconfigures formulas when you import building sections from existing projects, and estimates for new building sections are easily and intuitively set up, making errors and omissions less likely.  As a bonus, you avoid duplicating your efforts re-writing estimates for the same part of the building.

Estimate accurately – every time!

The accuracy of your estimates is improved because you can integrate with industry-leading pricing databases or reuse your own pricing information.  This means you can base your pricing decisions on market rates and your own historical data, reducing the risk of over- or underpricing.  Additionally, the Summary sheet gives you a clear overview, so you can quickly check that you have included everything you need.

Meet your proposal deadlines!

With Sigma it is straightforward to review and adjust your pricing proposal.  When you are ready to send it, Sigma speeds up the process by allowing you to save, print and attach a Summary sheet, cover letter, material supply lists and other necessary documents at the click of a button.  This helps you meet your deadlines.

Sigma improves transparency and collaboration on your construction project

Sigma simplifies the sharing of proposals and estimates, enhancing cooperation and communication between partners in the office and on site.  Everyone quickly receives the information they need in the format they need, providing transparency across the project.

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