Case-Story - Schmidt Hammer Lassen


Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has made huge efficiency gains using digital production platforms including the 5D calculator from Sigma Estimates and the online collaboration platform BIM Shark. These impressive gains come from better pricing accuracy and smoother-run projects. Schmidt Hammer Lassen used the BIM approach at their new Hospital Hvidovre project.


The most powerful and user-friendly software for Estimating and 5D BIM

The contractor benefits from providing better pricing and more accurate plans

BIM provides benefits for all projects

The BIM offensive is part of a clear ambition to deliver better architecture and improved financial returns from projects. This is achieved by employees having a more digitized and standardized workflow.

At Schmidt Hammer Lassen the 3D program Revit is used with the 5D program Sigma, bringing a vital link to enable more structured work and better visibility, which is part of a clear strategy to minimize risk and maximize quality assurance, together with the delivery of better pricing and more accurate budgets.

According to Nicklas Østergaard, so far Schmidt Hammer Lassen has mainly seen the benefits of BIM on hospital projects during the tendering process, which is made easier with more accurate quantities and better quality assurance.

The Sigma program can even extract volumes directly from building models in Revit and link them together as quotation lists. In doing so, Schmidt Hammer Lassen can deliver fully-detailed quotes with accurate quantities significantly more quickly, accurately and flexibly than before.

“We have become significantly sharper in the pricing of building materials on our projects [with Sigma]. When we provide quotes, they are for the exact quantities that the contractors need, and this will be borne out in the project. It gives us great confidence in design meetings, knowing that we can deliver more accurate prices than before”
Nicklas Østergaard, ICT and BIM Manager at Schmidt Hammer Lassen