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JJW Architects pride themselves on their ability to create and execute innovative and sustainable structures for housing, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.


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About JJW Architects

The Sigma solution

Each of these different types of buildings has distinct architectural requirements. Additionally, each case has multiple key stakeholders with needs that must be addressed throughout every phase of the case from initial concept through case completion.

Given these factors, JJW Architects wanted a comprehensive software application that would:

  • Perform in-depth cost estimation calculations for its larger cases,
  • Tie those estimates into an object-based 3D software application for parametric design, BIM, and
  • Include real-time pricing information from a third party cost database.

JJW Architects was founded in 1986 and has since grown into one of Denmark’s leading architecture firms. The expertise of the architects at JJW spans the entire spectrum including: concept development, design, construction case management, building operations, and professional supervision and consulting.

The firm is committed to collaborating with developers, contractors, clients, and other key stakeholders to deliver remarkable results that stay true to the initial vision for a case.Further, one of the top priorities for JJW Architects is to be able to perform successive risk calculations throughout the cost estimation process. More specifically, at the very beginning of a case, the firm typically performs rough calculations. Yet as the scope of the case becomes more detailed, it requires successive calculation capabilities to drill down and estimate costs and risks at the most granular levels of detail.

“We discovered Sigma at a time when we were engaged in a complex cost estimation case. Using Sigma we were are able to easily create more accurate estimates and integrate it with Revit and a cost database while saving time on the entire cost estimation process. ” Stine Lykee Kjær, Construction Architect, JJW Architects