Case-Story - Bonava


One of Northern Europe’s leading companies in design and residential development, Bonava, is entering into a global agreement with the software company Sigma Estimates.


The most powerful and user-friendly software for Estimating and 5D BIM

5D is the next big win in BIM

Automatic Live-Link ensures precise prices

This agreement forms part of a clear strategy to digitalize Bonava’s entire production flow across operations in all countries, as well as delivering accurate pricing estimates in the very early stages of their projects.

Bonava will replace their existing estimation systems with the new 5D BIM estimation software from Sigma Estimates, which globally becomes an important part of Bonava’s VDC portfolio. The plan is to implement the Sigma program in all 8 operating countries during 2017-2018.

Sigma Estimates, who also recently entered into a global agreement with the engineering and construction company Rambøll, sees a clear trend for businesses in the construction industry to use 5D BIM to optimize and control project costs by being able, for example, to save time, reduce errors, quickly update the pricing models and automate quality assurance.

For Bonava the selection of Sigma also depended on other things.  Together with Sigma’s strategic collaboration with Autodesk and Sigma’s open API, the company has the best opportunities for customizing and integrating solutions as the need arises.  This deep integration is possible with external systems and databases through apps.

“The Live-Link between 3D and 5D means we can now make choices based on accurate information. It helps ensure precise pricing, while providing better management early in the process, and these are paramount parameters for us”, says Patrik Lindvall.