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Takeoff is absolutely critical to get an estimate right.

From the original design plans to the final construction drawings, staying on top of changes, and arriving at the correct take off, can be difficult. The Sigma/Planswift work flow minimizes mistakes.

The integration to Sigma allow users of PlanSwift and Sigma to leverage the same information back and forth across both applications. With this real-time Live Link, it is possible to complete takeoffs in half the time, while substantially minimizing the risk of error than with the traditional manual process.

Benefits and Features

The PERFECT estimating extension to Planswift

Sigma integrates with other programs and formats for a seamless data transition. It ensures a consistent workflow, minimizes errors and increases efficiency.

PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest to use software for accurately completing construction takeoffs on your computer screen. With PlanSwift’s visual point-and-click interface, users can drag and drop individual products or assembled product groups directly onto a digitized blueprint.

That’s why we are extremely excited about Sigma Estimates live integration with PlanSwift.

Works for big and small companies

Sigma gives you more time with your customers; time to earn more money by spending more time on the construction site.  It helps you avoid unprofitable construction projects so that you and your teams are always working on the best projects – Sigma let’s you get out and build!

For smaller customers

Sigma helps you spend less time in the office and spend more time with your clients. You can save up to 85% of the time you would normally spend on estimates. You will benefit from a more consistent workflow and gain a solid platform for more profitable projects.

For larger customers with dedicated estimating departments

Produce more bids faster and on time without losing accuracy

Keep your projects on track! Sigma enables you to minimize risk, improve collaboration, and save time – by utilizing a central model available to all project stakeholders. Optimized BIM workflows, direct Live Link to Revit Models, and other 3D model imports provided in Sigma delivers thorough understanding of the link between cost, design, and construction in a user-friendly and intuitive digital solution.

Sigma Estimates

Bridging the gap between takeoff and estimating

Long before breaking ground, laying bricks or pouring a foundation one of the most crucial steps in a construction job happens: the estimating process.

This is where material costs, salaries, rentals, and equipment come together. Getting estimating right is absolutely crucial, both because it strategically influences your sourcing, margins, and ability to plan and lead your workforce. It is also a complex task, carrying risk as well as rewards and, therefore, adding a burden of stress to the estimating personnel.

Free support for ever!

Sigma prides themselves on offering unlimited free support to its license holders. As long as you have a license you’ll be continued to be looked after forever.

Visit the forums, call our support line, drop us an email or go to our support section on our website for more details!

Sigma Estimates

Risk Free – You decide on the length of the contract!

We understand that you’ll want to prove to yourself that Sigma meets your estimating needs and will pay for itself. So, after your free 14 day trial we make it easy by offering a one month extendable contract.

As soon as you’re happy we can offer a 12 months contract.

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